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Spectrum, 2018

In Joe Hamilton's newly commissioned work Spectrum, multicoloured landscape scenes create a flowing sequence that emulates the scanning motion of orbiting satellite sensors constantly sweeping over the earth’s surface. The landscapes include appropriated footage from nature documentaries and satellite imagery from publicly available datasets; referencing the iconic topography of Western Australia with an effervescent twist.


Mutual Vibration (Flirt), 2018

Dwelling on the legacy of gestural abstraction established in the 1950s, Niesche’s latest site specific commission demonstrates the infinite potential of the two-dimensional picture plane. Grab a drink at the bar and dive into the infinite sunrise.

DAVID HAINES    The Wollemi Kirlians,  2014


The Wollemi Kirlians, 2014

Using the technique of Kirlian photography Haines’ installation exemplifies the tension between the fictive and the phenomenal that lies at the heart of his enquiries.  Using the process of Kirllian photography, Haines has captured plants from the Wollemi National Park in NSW; a remote and mysterious region that shelters the elusive Wollemi Pine, a species known only through fossil records until it was discovered in 1994. The photographs are intended to evoke a range of associations – fantastical and grounded. Haines embraces his inability to contain the live nature of his works.