We believe that irrespective of its size or value, an art collection should provide endless personal pleasure, enhance your home or business environment, and become a valuable asset.

Our aim is to ensure you put together a collection of museum quality art according to your particular taste and requirements while helping you acquire the experience and knowledge to derive lasting appreciation and maximum leverage from it.

We only present you with works of art that we believe have objective qualities to meet the criteria outlined above, so that all you have to do is decide what you like. On our annual retainer, you will receive information on the latest exhibitions and available artworks from around the world, straight to your inbox. With an emphasis on education on the contemporary art market, you will never be pressured to purchase work. 


At LoveArt, we specialize in providing extensive research information and content regarding artists and artworks. Our collated information is stored in our secure database and helps you to monitor all of the works in your collection with ease and track:

  • The provenance of a particular work;
  • Biographical details of the artist including their exhibition history;
  • The value of artworks, their exhibition history and literature;
  • Maintenance, conservation, condition and location of the artwork.


LoveArt conducts extensive research on artists and current exhibitions from all around the world to provide you with a pool of the best works on the market. LoveArt has independent, long-standing working relationships with the top Australian and international galleries and auction houses, which means that we are also able to offer privileged confidential access to works not otherwise available. When you wish to acquire a particular artwork, we facilitate the acquisition by liaising with artists, galleries and auction houses.

As well as acquiring works readily available, we develop proposals for commissions for specific spaces. Our major past public commissions include Global Switch Paris, Global Switch Sydney and QT Melbourne.


We believe that professional installation is necessary for the long-term safety, enjoyment and maintenance of a collection. LoveArt has established working relationships with shippers, framers and installers who are regularly used by museums to smoothly facilitate, oversee and coordinate all components of the installation process. We often work with architects and designers to achieve a practical, beautiful and engaging installation that is critically rigorous and a sound investment.


LoveArt’s online catalogue tracks your collection safely and securely and is accessible from mobile devices. The catalogue provides a comprehensive survey of prices, value, framing costs, artist biography, artwork descriptions, provenance, recent exhibition history and literature.


Amanda Love is an accredited valuer under the Federal Government’s Taxation Incentive Scheme for the Arts, and her expertise includes Australian and international modern and contemporary art. At your request, she is able to give a valuation of your existing collection or potential acquisitions.


Clients of LoveArt receive regular emails detailing new works available, their prices, dimensions and medium, the artist’s biographical information and the artwork’s specific historical context. We ensure you gain valuable knowledge of the artist and the artwork you acquire so that you successfully put together a collection of art that aligns with your particular taste and specifications.